The company address:Luoding longhua road1Number(Down road State health on the second floor)
The boy calls:186 8885 0231​
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Also can be directly call business manager Hu Sheng:189-271-88545
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China state construction feng shui academy of sciences(Hong Kong)、Doctoral tutor
Guest professor of sun yat-sen university, President of class I ching feng shui、Guest professor of zhejiang university、
 President of the world I ching culture association The global association President feng shui、The Chinese feng shui masters
(Countries)China council for the promotion of traditional culture to learn culture working committee chairman 、
(Countries)International federation of yi-ology global President of council for the promotion of the I ching、

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Pei weng
Feng shui problems related to corporate customers to decorate all by pei master weng personal guidance!